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Punjabo A Poem by GURMEET KAUR

"When she sings / Five rivers flow / She is the song ..."

Rock Art Is My Mother A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

"... from the enigmatic rock of punja sahib emanates a petrified blessing ..."

Guru Prakasham A Poem by A P J ABDUL KALAM

"As it orbits all around the sun, even sun bows in enhanced reverence / And salutes the earth ..."

Under The Mango Tree -
Ambi De Bootey Thhulley MOHAN SINGH, Translated from Punjabi by NIKKY-GUNINDER KAUR SINGH

" ... the love songs of the koel bird / Pierce me like shots from a gun ..."

A Love Poem After The Genocide A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

“From now on, we will tell / our stories / ourselves …”

Nanak Jahaz A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

On the 23rd of May, 1914, Nanak’s Ship, also known as Komagata Maru, made it all the way to Canada.

After Celan A Poem by JASPREET SINGH

"Jacaranda, Gulmohar, Laburnum, Neem / be ready to sway and look your gleaming best ..."

Essential Reading:
Why We Should All Be Reading Rupi Kaur MARIANA ZEPEDA

It'll make you angry ... It'll make you strong ...

A Love Story:
Parminder Singh Sodhi

A love story that started in Punjab and blossomed 5,000 km away in Tokyo, Japan.

Days Like This A Poem by RUBANI QAUMI

"There are days / I want to talk / To myself / Converse with my mind ..."

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