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Ravinder ‘Ravi’ Singh,
Sevadaar Extraordinaire -
The Chic Sikh Of The Year 2016 EDITOR

An extraordinary man who has devoted his life to the service of those who are in dire need.

Profiles in Courage:
Janam Da Firangee,

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

This Needs Research - VI:
How Did Ranjit Singh Die? T. SHER SINGH

There is evidence that Napoleon was murdered by the Brits. What role did they play in Ranjit’s death 18 years later?

Playfield Of Love INNI KAUR

“I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling …”

Who Is Your Choice For
The Chic Sikh of The Year
2016 EDITOR,

The ultimate selection, of course, is collectively yours.

This Needs Research - V:
Who Was Lehna Singh Majithia? T. SHER SINGH

Engineer, mathematician, astronomer, minister, general, emperor’s counsel, poet, litterateur ...

This Needs Research - IV:
What Are The Different Styles Of The Sikh Turban? T. SHER SINGH

The shamla, the pharla, the turla, the turra. Dumalla. Single patti and double …

Simple Arithmetic T. SHER SINGH

Amazing, isn’t it, how just one individual can single-handedly take so much joy out of humanity.

This Needs Research - III:
“What Is The Origin Of The Khanda Symbol?” T. SHER SINGH

The Khanda is now universally recognised as a representative icon of the Sikh Religion.

Postmortem On The Election:
A Sikh-American's Perspective -
Janam Da Firangee,
Sikhi Mai Mangee

Fact-checkers: Just 4% of what Trump said during the election is true.

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